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"We have used your recommendation to negotiate our job progress,
scheduling and changes pertaining to the contract." "We feel your
services will be of value to us and most definitely forsee a good working
relationship with your company." -AF of Panel Systems

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"Your company has come to our attention with a very good
recommendation." "I am therefore writing just to let you know
that I will be in touch when we have the need for your services."
-LR of Metro Interiors

"This is written to advise, thank and inform of the efforts of Peter R. Frisch.
As a Senior Buyer he has been a valuable asset on the F-22 project.
His vast purchasing and people skills were demonstrated time and time again.
As the project comes to a halt I wish him all the best, and of course continued success.

I want to advise his future employers of the tremendeous talent that they will be
receiving. Once again thank you Peter for a job well done."
-KM of DME Corporation

"During the course of his assignment, as Technical Buyer, Peter proved to be a
hard-working, resourceful, and talented purchasing professional.
He repeatedly impressed the respective Project Managers and myself with
his consistent 'can-do' attitude.

I was quite impressed with his ability to complete all assigned work on time,
if not before it was due. His good-natured attitude and team player approach
was energizing, appreciated and will sorely be missed.
I strongly recommend Peter for any mid to upper level purchasing
or project positions in a technical or challenging venue."
-CB of Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

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